Katrin Beckmann

Hi Vayner Media, after you watched this video, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. E-mail works best:

What I can tell you about my work:

I’ve learned storytelling, ten years ago, when producing visual content for Social Media wasn’t big at all in Germany. It was ALL about cinema. Its was about the SCRIPT. It was about the actors. It was about THE character. The feelings. The location. The lights and the latest cinematography techniques. It was about perfection!

The director and the editor made choices every single second. Before production. On set. After production. In post. In 2018 – the Creative Producer – does make the same old decisions. But faster! On YouTube. In Final Cut. In Premiere Pro. With Photoshop. On Snapchat. On Instagram. With Trimmer… We trim. We cut. We edit. We are used to choose. We like to decide. We love to judge. Is ALL about the content. Well selected micro content..

You’re going to need someone who can judge – straight and with a good heart – over tons of heavy content, nobody will ever touch anymore. I understand your situation. I will find the hidden gems and deliver. – I’ll carve them into diamonds. I can do it. Cheers! from Berlin xkb